Friday, April 14, 2006

No better

In fact, Drew's doing worse as of this morning. :(

His urine output has basically stopped and his BUN is 112. A normal BUN is 3-5. BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen and indicates impaired kidney function. From WebMD: measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood that comes from the waste product urea. As a result, his swelling is getting worse.

His blood pressure is bad and they have had to restart the dopamine. This is a pretty major step backwards.

His blood gasses are getting a bit worse so they have had to turn the amplitude on the oscillator up--from 39 to 43. I *think* I have this right: the amplitude indicates how many breaths per minute Drew's getting so he went from 390 bpm to 430 bpm. This time aound on the oscillator, he was started at an amplitude of 55 (90 prior to ECMO).

Dr. M., the surgeon, wants to talk to us at some point today according to Drew's nurse. Make of that what you will; we haven't seen him in a few days (no real set times for rounds) so it's probably that combined with Drew's decline.

His WBC is elevated today, moreso than yesterday. His cultures still haven't grown any infection and probably won't; they've been incubating long enough that any infection should have shown up by now.

If I sound down, it's because I am. I'm basically numb right now.

One bit of "good" news is that a lactation consultant called yesterday. They don't have enough room to store all of my milk either in the NICU or at the LC offices. I guess 5 weeks of milk is a lot and they need to send some home with me and anything else I pump from now on stays here. Good thing he's not eating because there's no way I could keep up with a normal infants appetite at this point (stress does horrible things for a pumping/nursing mothers supply). We had to purchase a deep freeze to store it because it's a lot. We needed to buy a deep freeze anyway.


Kellie (Carson and Eli) said...

Still praying hard Jana. I pray his BUN will drop and his kidneys and lungs can start working better. It's so hard to see them on the oscillator. Drew is such a little fighter. I am lifting up the meeting with Drew's surgeon to God. May He watch over you and Drew and help you all through this. It's okay to feel numb right now. I wish I could be there to hug and support you through this time.


Jennifer said...

Oh Jana, I'm so sorry he's not improving today, ugh! Lots of healthy kidney thoughts to Drew and hugs to you.


Shawna said...

I am so sorry that Drew is taking these bad turns. I was praying so hard that things would be on the incline and he'd be going home as soon as his body was stronger and functioning normally. I still continue to pray that Drew will start doing better and become a very healthy little boy. Try to stay strong sweetie, I can't even imagine what you are having to go through! You are such a strong person and such an amazing Mommy, you, Raymond, Ellie Bug, and Drew are always in my thoughts and prayers! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hi there. So sorry to hear about Drew. My daughter is a survivor of CDH and she went through the same stuff you are going through now. My wife and I feel your pain.

I am writing for questions you need ask...

Does he have a blood clot?? they need to check.

Does he have a chylothorax??

My daughter swelled up...thanks to a nurse she said I think she has a blood clot. Of course this was 4 weeks later from swelling.

e-mail my wife and I for questions.
or at

God bless and stay strong

Chris, Julie and Kylie Rae Dudley

Anonymous said...


Just want you to know we are praying for you guys. The four of you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Chris and Liz

April said...

There are a whole lotta people out there praying for Baby Drew. Please let me know if you need anything

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana and family,
You don't know me,but I am a member of the SK network and came across Drew's blog.I am so sorry that your beautiful son and your family have to go through this.I am sending positive vibes and prayers your way.
Heather and family