Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ups and Downs

Well, Drew's rate on the respirator has been turned back up to 35 breaths per minute. His carbon dioxide levels began creeping up yesterday and got up to 62 so up the rate goes.

They have stopped the CPT (the chest vibration physical therapy) because when they tried it a second time yesterday, he dropped his heartrate again. When Raymond and I were there last night, Drew got upset, started crying and his heartrate dropped into the 70s. As soon as he calmed down, it went back up. The ups and downs are getting to me right now.

They did get rid of one monitor thing--the pre-ductal oxygen saturation no longer shows on his monitor. Yay! His nurse said that indicates that the surgeons aren't worried about pulmonary hypertension anymore (for now).

His swelling is very slowly going down but his poor head is still quite large and misshapen. I just want to scoop him up and give him hugs but I know that I can't. For some reason, not holding him has been bothering me a lot the past few days. I was doing ok until now and I don't know why.

He's still got both chest tubes and the left one is still draining a ton. The hematoma seems to be reaccumulating fluid as well. He seems to be awake more often now and he'll follow things very well with his eyes. He'll also respond to voices by cutting his eyes to you when he hears your voice.


Donna & Danny said...

I'm glad to hear the good news of Drew's progress. All the family is in my prayers and thoughts. God has a plan for each one of you. HE is in control. I'm sure it is very difficult not being able to grab Drew and just hug. Hang in there Jana, your time will come. I can't imagine but Drew is sure precious. I think he looks like Elizabeth. Give the family a hug and our love. Hope to see you soon. Love ya, Uncle Danny & Aunt Donna