Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Our Buddy Boy

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Press play to view Drew's slideshow with music. It has been recently (October 2007) updated. The music is "Slipped Away" by Avril Lavigne, "Far Away" by Nickelback and "Nighty-Night" by Disney Lullabies (playing when Drew's casket was sealed).

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Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful movie. I had seen the one from before and I cried for you and your family.

It's a beautiful tribute to your son. Thank you for sharing your story, you've touched my heart & my life.

Bless you.

Shawn C said...

Gorgeous tribute - I absolutely love it. Great job.

BungerFamily said...

WOW! I am a friend of a friend of Jenn and i got your blgo site from Miss AJ's site and your slide show brought me to tears. My son is not a CDH baby but he is a premie baby. I had Braden at 24 weeks and he was in the NICU for 4 months. I know what it is like to be in a NICU and how much it hurts. But the hurt that you felt with that baby boy is unlike anything i know. And I want to thank you for having the heart and the spirirt to share hm with us even after his death. You and your family are in my prayers and thank you for being another great example of a Mom!
Annie Bunger
McKinney Texas

Emily said...

There are no words.

I'm incredibly sorry.

Your son is beautiful

Silas Charles Kyne said...

My name is Tanaya and my son, Silas, was born on April 10th, 2006, with severe pulmonary distress. He went on ECMO and has survived. We came home on May 26th. I know Jolee Jean's family because they were at the same hopital we were at. I accessed your blog through Krista's website. I just wanted to let you know how much your story has touched me and how beautiful Drew is in his pictures that you've posted. Thank-you for sharing this trial with everyone. It is so real and I kind of know what you mean when you say you want to scream "My baby died!" to the world. I felt a similar way when my grandpa died and I was 14, and again when we spent a month and a half in the NICU teetering between life and death. I felt like "Doesn't everyone know? How can you continue on with everyday life when I am hurting so bad? Can't the world just pause for a moment of respect?" Anyway, it has been a privilege getting to know you and your family through your blog. Thank-you for that honor.
Tanaya -

Anonymous said...

What a journey. You did an incredible job and the movie is absolutely beautiful. Little Drew has touched so many lives and his spirit will always remain strong. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute of his life. I can tell it was created with tons of love.

Val said...

Angel Drew must be so proud of the work you have done sharing his story and your story!

I am Angel JJ's auntie and I continue to follow the CDH stories, which are in my thoughts daily!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful film! Your memories and images are wonderful. Drew was beautiful.

I was refered to your blog via a friend at my bereaved parents group. In December our first and only child, our son, Marshall, was born with an undiagnosed CDH (my last ultrasound was at 18.5 weeks), he only lived 3 hours. He suffered too much brain damage to try to help him. He was a huge 9lbs 5 oz and we never suspected anything was wrong. Our painful drama lasted just those 3 hours but we got to hold him and say goodbye... it was the best and worst time of my life.

Seeing your courage at the hospital and your wonderful tribute offers me strength and seeing your beautiful family and daughter gives me hope for the future. It has been just over 7 months since we lost Marshall and every day does get better. The first few months are the hardest. Working through your grief is key... and you seem to be doing a great job. You are an inspiration (even though you probably don't always feel like one : )

Warm wishes,

Tara (Toronto, ON)

V said...

I have just gathered up the courage to watch your video. It is beautiful. I read your blog regularly and can identify with many of the things you say. Thank you for that.

Sandra White said...

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Lillithmother said...

Drew is beautiful...and obviously an inspiration for you to turn this blog into a place of solace for other parents. Bless all of you...Drew and you have touched this new mother's heart.

Mandy said...

|Beautiful tribute to your precious son. Thank you for sharing your story (I've read your blog from day 1). You and your family have always been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

|What a beautiful tribute to your sweet darling son. Thank you for sharing. |(what is the first piece of music that is played?)
God bless

Crystal (lovebean06) said...

I am so happy for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Omgoodness newcomer here... actually it's just some strange fluke that I even came across your blog... Where have you found the time to blog 24/7? I hope the best for you and your family, what an overwhelming tribute. Blinked ferociously and got choked up a few times while reading. What a LIFE JOURNEY ay?
A beautiful account of life.
- a Fellow Mum

Anonymous said...

I only found your blog because I'm an Andrea Bocelli fan, and you mention him in your message. My heart breaks for you. Hold your daughter close to your heart, and know that while Drew is gone, you still have her to hold and love. May your future be brighter. Bless your whole family!

liz said...

i just read ur story, and seen drew's beautiful pictures.
My daughter, Mia, was also in the NICU, being born with phnemonia, she was there for 10 days, And i know how it feels like going to the hospital everyday to visit.
Your story has touched my heart and i broke into tears just watching the video.
Thank u for sharing your story.

With love. Liz

Lori Johnson said...

I just learned of your blog today. What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your story. Wow. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I saw the link to this site from a friend. I can't believe I made it through the whole video. I cried through the whole thing for your family.

May God Bless your courage and strength. I personally have had 2 miscarriages and one healthy baby boy and I honestly don't know how I would cope if anything like that happened to me. You are an inspiration.

God bless you and your family.

Carol H.

Michelle said...

What a touching tribute! I came across your blog through my freind (and my daughter's Godmother) Chris Rooney. I was in awe of your strength. My son was born with a heart defect and nneded open-heart surgery at 5 days old. Luckily for me, it was a blur. He is 9 months old now and as we prepare for his next open-heart, I find comfort in your strength. I wish this one could be a blur but I have much more time to think and pray and cry and fear.

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers!

Jill said...

Hello. I am a mom of a CDH surviour, and your movie was so touching, and a wounderful tribute to your son. YOu touched my heart, and my prayers and love go to you and your family.

Bless you....

Jill said...

Hello.. I am a mom of a CDH surviour, and your movie was touching... It brought me to tears. My heart, and prayers go to your family.

God Bless

thrice said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. The video is beautiful tribute.

Hennifer said...

I'm not sure what to say but I have spent the last several days reading your whole saga. I am just so touched by the whole community, supporting each other through such difficult times.
I am a mother of 2, a boy 6, a girl 1. I found my way to you the long way through several sites stemming from my midwife. It seems you and I have similar philosophys on childbirth, nursing, tattoos :) Congrats on a successful VBAC! Wishing your family all the best. Drew lives on because of your love.

Searching said...

This is beautiful. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Drew. Even though I knew the ending, my heart still sank when I saw him back on the oscillator. He was SUCH a fighter! I'm amazed that you got so many wonderful pictures of him with his eyes open. Big, beautiful eyes. You made a loving tribute for your son, thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I found your site, but I wanted to tell you that your tribute and entire family is beautiful. You seem incredibly strong and brave to put your story out there for others who need it.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Research and Support at CHERUBS said...

Hi Jana,

I hope you feel better soon... it's that time of year. We push and push to get the holidays without falling apart so we stay busy and then when they are over and we have time to think... it hits us. :(

I love the new site, it's beautiful!!! :)

Book to recommend (per Lise)... "Room of Marvels". It's amazing!


Fer said...

Dear jana, what a beautiful tribute! You are in my thoughts!