Saturday, February 17, 2007

A brag and an embarrassment

Check out Sasha's blog for the latest update on her (link is in another post and I'm too lazy to look it up right now...I'm laying down). She seems to be at least holding steady if not improving a bit. She still needs another liver soon but her numbers and stuff are better than they were. Keep thinking of her everyone, she still needs it.

Ok, here's the brag: I have finished Carson's quilt. I got it back on Friday from the embroidery place. No, I didn't do it all alone. Thankfully my mother stepped in when I was making a mess of the piecing process and she did that part. And she helped with the binding (edge) when she was out here a couple of weeks ago. But I did all of the hand quilting...all of it and I really enjoyed it and did a good job, if I do say so myself. So here are the pictures of the completed project:


Close-up of embroidery:


I'm going to be painting his room tomorrow. I still have a hard time not thinking of it as "Drew's room." I was talking to R. the other day and said "Drew blah, blah, blah." It took me a minute to realize that I should have said Carson. I have a feeling that Carson is going to be one confused child. That's ok, I call R. Elizabeth quite often.

Now for the embarrassment. Two of them I guess. Here's Carson at 31 weeks, maybe there IS another one in there:

No, I have no head. I never do in belly shots; I just don't like pictures of myself and my face swells just like everything else.

Now for the REAL embarrassment. I have never been so embarrassed in my life as I was this morning/afternoon. It was bad. And gross...fair warning. Don't keep reading if you don't do gross.

R., E. and I were having a nice family day today running around town. We stopped in Bricktown (a revitalized downtown area) for lunch. E. was sitting beside me and R. was across from us. I ordered chicken friend steak (yes, it's important that you know that, kind of). The food was GOOD and I was so hungry. I was eating slowly because after 3 pregnancies, I know not to wolf down food.

I told R. that I was feeling nauseous. I was but not too bad, I was nauseous earlier this week and did not get sick (I've been doing better about not getting sick this time around). All of a sudden, I felt the need to spit. I wanted to get to the bathroom and I guess R. could see it on my face because he told me to go but I knew that I couldn't make it. Yes, that's right. I vomited, repeatedly, all over my plate. Quite loudly, I fear.

E. was asking if I was ok, asking, "Daddy, what's wrong with Mommy?" etc. And all I can see is R. moving the darn chicken fried steak to the edge of the plate. I was thinking, "Does he think that I'm going to eat that now that I puked all over it?!" Turns out that he was moving it so the plate would not overflow. :(

Our poor waitress then came to check on us and saw the plate. I felt so bad, was apologizing to her and R., trying to assure them that it wasn't the food, etc. R. was great and told her that it was just part of being pregnant. She took the plate away (bless her, I was almost in tears by this point). I kept apologizing to her and she told me that she was in nursing school so it was ok. She offered to bring me more food, hehe! I politely declined.

I have NEVER vomited in public like that. I did one time on the side of the highway when PG with Elizabeth but that's it. Now I find it amusing but I just feel so bad about it all. Poor R. got to see it head on, the other patrons probably heard it (R. said they were all looking at me but he was kidding...I'm pretty sure!) and our waitress. She got a very good tip today.

So there you have it, the most embarrasing moment of my life. There's more to it but that's bad enough and all that I'm going to spill here. :P


carole said...

Oh Jana. I'm sorry about the throwing up thing...but you know...those are the kind of stories that can live on for years and years. When I was pregnant with Joseph I was driving home by myself after a super bowl party. Empty crock time to get out.

Let's just say that I had to buy a new crock pot.

Carson's quilt is *beautiful*.

Keeping up the prayers for Sasha!

The Lavato Family said...

oh dear jana...I'm sure you were mortified! (I know I would have been as well). Carson's quilt is precious and I LOOOOVE the material you picked! I'm a nut for the cowboy theme. I checked out Sasha's page and was relieved to see that she's hanging in there. Prayers to you all!

jennifer said...

Seriously, you think you're big? Come on sister! When I was pregnant with Jason I had someone asking me if I was walking to get into labor at 28 weeks, that my friend, is big! Bless your heart on the puke story, classic classic stuff! Carole is right about a long living story. Raymond is a gem, my husband would have left me there alone!
LOVE Carson's quilt, my boys room is a cowboy theme and that baby print came out just after I had finished J's nursery, I was so bummed, it's TOO cute. Has R named Carson's animal yet?
Finally, Thank you SO much for sharing Sasha's site; I'm glued, what an amazing family, LOVE them and can't stop thinking about that beautiful girl and wishing them the perfect liver. I remember your organ donation post way back and amen to that ultimate gift.

Shawn C said...

If it were you sitting across from a pregnant friend, forgiveness would be simple. Feel free to forgive yourself! It happens! Now you have a great story to tell - even if it is at your own expense.
Thanks for having the guts to share it!! Although I feel bad for you - I also know that things like that happen, and it's not like you could have helped it if you wanted to.

Have a great day!

The quilt is FABULOUS!!