Friday, February 03, 2006

Drew Update

Went to the peri today. The NST was good, Drew's doing what he's supposed to and my contractions are still showing as minor. Drew's heart rate stayed in the mid-upper 130s and my BP was 118/62 (or 68, I don't remember).

All looked well at the ultrasound as well. The best news is that I no longer have the polyhydramnios!! It was very obvious from just looking at this U/S compared to the last one. Last time, my AFI was 33 and today it was 22. I thought that my stomach looked a bit smaller but you never know. I'm so happy about that. But I still have to have the twice weekly NST because Drew's at high risk for "fetal demise."

He's looking as good as he can--no fluid build-up around his organs and he's weghing in at 5 lbs. 14 oz. (estimate). That's larger than E. was when she was born full term!! His head is measuring over 37 weeks, yikes! The 4d and 3d pictures are getting kind of scary looking as he's getting so big.

And I have an official induction date!! I'll go in the hospital on March 7 and drugs to induce will be started at midnight so Drew should arrive on March 8 if he continues to cooperate. Well, if my body continues to cooperate, that is. Very good day today re: Drew.

I still hate insurance companies but my peri's office has an agreement with our insurance company that the insurance company just "failed" to mention to either me or R. The agreement will save us a ton of $$ out-of-pocket in the long run--it all has to do with specialist co-pays, deductibles, and what services are considered specialist services. Just a major pain in the ass that we now get to avoid, thank goodness.

After we left the peri, I went to my general practioner. I have some kind of nasty skin infection thing that's hurting pretty darn bad so hopefully antibiotics will clear it up. I didn't have any of this strange stuff when I was PG with E. (I also have a ganglion cyst on my wrist that I'll have surgically removed after Drew's birth.)

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