Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So I've been laying in bed for...over 3 hours but Drew is wound up. He will NOT be still so that I can sleep. The second I lay down, he goes to town and I feel him down low and up in my throat (at least it seems that way). He must be doing some stretching and punching at the same time. It's quite amusing to watch but not experience. Elizabeth is going to wake up in a few hours and I'll be more useless than normal if I don't get some sleep.

I promised her that we would go to the park tomorrow since it's going to be in the freaking 80s. This time last week, we had ice and snow and schools were closed. You just have to love the midwest weather. Raymond, Elizabeth and I are going to do something together on Saturday for the final time as a family of 3. Family starts arriving on Sunday so Saturday is our last chance. :( And it's supposed to rain all day, what fun.

I'm having contractions but they're so irregular that they don't really mean anything. And they're not that strong. Drew's still doing well according to the NST. Only 2 more tests left and 8 days until my induction. I don't want to be induced. I won't go into my feelings on inductions just say I don't like them in general. I have a strong feeling my cervix won't be favorable and I'll end up with a c-section, something I really want to avoid. *sigh* Just another worry on top of everything else. Blech--that's how I feel right now, just blech.