Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another update and some cute stuff

Drew had to be taken off of ECMO for about 5 minutes today. There was a clot in the circuit so they had to clear it out and he was on the hand pump vent for that time period. He did not like it at all--his BP went up and so did his heartrate (in the 200s). He calmed down though and is back to where he was before.

Here's Elizabeth at one week and Drew today (10 days). Do you think they look alike?! We sure do!

He was VERY awake and alert for one of our afternoon visits today and I got some great pictures and video. The video can be found here but it will only be up for a short period of time. He got mad and did his silent cry:

But Mommy's touch makes it all ok:


Lisa said...

Wow, they sure do look alike...they have the same little button nose. He is really precious and so strong. I have been praying for him every night. Even Zach has started saying "God Bless baby Drew" before bed.


Lisa, Zach and Emily