Saturday, March 18, 2006

A big day tomorrow

Drew is completely off of the nitric oxide now and all of his numbers are holding steady. This is a big step for the little guy. He's also off of all of one of his BP meds, still on a bit of dopamine but a minimal amount and they want him to stay on that right now.

The big, huge news is that his surgeon wants to try and wean him slowly off of ECMO tomorrow, 5% at a time (I think that's what I remember hearing). Please, please, please hope that Drew tolerates it well. If not, they are going to seriously consider doing his surgery while on ECMO, which is literally a bloody mess according to his head ECMO nurse (who we really like BTW). Either way it goes, it appears as if the surgery to move his organs down and repair the hernia will take place sometime next week.

Drew's in great hands--we've been so pleased with all of his doctors and nurses. It helps to feel that we have confidence in them. They do not hesitate to answer any of our questions and the surgeon calls us with updates if we miss him at the hospital.

He was wide awake and alert for our visit last night, as you can see (the left side of his face is a bit swollen because they had him turned on that side for a couple of hours).


Emma Harvey said...

Oh WOW I cant believe he has his eyes open, he's sooooooooooooo handsome!!! The progress is awsome mate, lets keep praying this is an upward trend. (((((HUGS))))) Emma

Chris and Liz said...

Beautiful guy! We are holding you guys in our prayers. Love the picture of mother's carress.