Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh yeah, I forgot

If you watch Grey's Anatomy, last nights episode mentioned CDH. Their "solution" to the problem was utter and complete BS--yes, the in-utero surgery can and is done (very rarely) but that's not the end of the process by a long shot. They made it seem as if that's all that is needed and the child would be born and be ok. WRONG!!!

I wish that they would have just used another birth defect if they weren't going to accurately portray this one. It is NOT something where one just has surgery, either in utero or after birth, and POOF! all is better. I realize it's only a television show but when you're trying to educate people on this condition and they just blow it off with simplistic "cures," it tends to get under one's skin. It does a real disservice to those dealing with the condition in real life.


CMB said...

I read your blog a few days before seeing that episode and I didn't get fooled into thinking the baby would just be instantly okay...
Just thought I'd let you know that you educated someone successfully.