Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quick update

Drew's respiration rate is at 43 breaths per minute and his blood gasses have remained excellent. Needless to say, they didn't stop the weaning at 49 last night. :-)

Dr. M. (surgeon) is going to do a needle aspiration on his hematoma/seroma at some point today. Thank goodness because if nothing else, it just looks so uncomfortable. No matter how many pain meds he's on, I would think that a large hump on your back (that you're constantly laying on) is uncomfortable.

I don't know what I was thinking when I said his left chest tube has drained over 250 cc's since last Wednesday--it's more like 1500 cc's so I went back and changed that in my previous post.

Drew was awake for us this morning and everytime Raymond and I said that we were leaving but would be back later, he would just cry. It took us a few times before we were able to leave because you just can't leave him crying. I feel bad enough leaving if he's awake.


Amy Curtis said...

Dear Jana,
My little girl, Abigail, was born with CDH and an omphalocele on Sept. 7, 2001. She is four now. I could really relate to the things you are saying in your blog, because we have been through it ourselves. It is a very very trying time. I will be remembering Drew in my prayers. If you would like to talk offline, you can email me at God Bless,
Amy Curtis

Jenn said...

I just read what amy curtis said, and I hope that Drew makes it through soon!
There is hope, hun, and I am hoping and praying every single day!!!!