Monday, April 24, 2006

Tornadoes, tornadoes everywhere

So we're sitting here watching the TV coverage of 2 tornadoes that formed over El Reno. Watched them touch down, go up, get stronger, come back down, etc. I hope that our family in El Reno is ok. :( The tornadoes seemed to stay in fairly rural area before going back up; tore up a couple of airplane hangers at the El Reno airport. Seems to be moving in our direction as well, doesn't that just figure. Our sirens have gone off and everything. I HATE tornadoes, they scare the shit out of me.

Edit: Looks like they will miss us tonight, we just got some heavy rain, hail and wind. Have I mentioned how much I HATE tornadoes?!


Anonymous said...

I HATE tornadoes too! A few years back 3 tornadoes touched down at once and missed our house by about a mile! 5 people were killed and hundreds of people lost their homes. It was declared a national emergency. A few years before that a friend of mine was killed during 1. And just a couple of weeks ago we had to evacuate during one but it missed us too thankfully and no one was hurt that time!

I am glad the tornado missed you guys and hope that the rest of your family was as lucky!

Hugs and prayers,

Jenn said...

Hey Jana, I thought of y'all tonight when I saw them on the husband is a freak about tornados, HATES even the mention of them. I hope your family in El Reno is fine.
Talk soon,

Natalie said...

I am so glad they missed you guys!