Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Dawn...I just don't know what to say. I love you!! Look at what Dawn made! She is going to donate the profits to Drew's memorial fund.



Lauren said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Will these be available for anyone to buy or just on ebay? I guess I mean, are there lots available? I neeeeed to get one! I LOVE it!

Love Lauren
Avery's Mom 3/17/06 - 4/3/06 LCDH

Shawna said...

Dawn is such an amazing person isn't she? I wish I had her talent and creativity! I've been trying so hard to think of something original to do but have failed. I will figure out something though. LOL Oh and I bid on that bracelet, I will wear it with pride!!

Shawna L.

Emma said...

I love it too!!!! I want one also :)

Jenn said...

How beautiful. :) She posted a link in the site, and I love it!!!
What an amazing person!!!

Shawn C said...

I emailed Dawn last night (I am in Canada) to see if she would ship here (the auction states to the US). SHE SAID SURE!!! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This just made me cry! I don't even know who Dawn is but wow, is she amazing! What a great idea to raise awareness and help with the fight against CDH! Drew's memory will definitely be a legacy!


Emma said...

Oh yes! We need to keep this CDH awareness going, I'm looking into starting a Non Profit Organisation over this side of the pond (the UK) for research, but I need some pointers first...but I'm looking into it. I'll liase with Dawn re: bracelets...that is a great start!

Anonymous said...

I am just lost for words. I too lost child(ren). I am just so sorry for your loss.

Blees you and your family