Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good news, bad news

I was going to start with the bad news but I have to post this first. Beautiful Baby Mert has arrived! No details yet, but there is a picture of him at the above link. I will update as Aytekin finds the time. Just keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

And Jackson has been extubated!!! This is a MAJOR step for the little guy! Check out the pictures that Kimberly and Adam have of him without the ET tube; he's such a cute baby boy! Keep up the good work, Jackson!!

Now for the craziness around our house. Our bathtub in the master bathroom has been leaking off and on for a while. R. will fix it, it will be ok for a while and then it will start leaking again. We finally had a plumber come out and look at things since the carpet was soaking wet yesterday. Seems that there's a leak in the foundation. It's going to take a full day to fix, lots of money, and they may (probably) will have to rip out the tub and some of the tile surrounding the tub. Good news is that maybe I'll get tile flooring in there that I've wanted for a while. (That's not the good news that I alluded to above, though.)

Then today, E. and I were in the upstairs bathroom; me taking a shower then her taking a bath. While she was in the tub, it sounded as though the toilet was running and all I could think was, "Great, all we need is a leak up here to ruin the ceiling and goodness knows what else." So I got E. out of the tub and we went downstairs. The noise was much louder down here and the hallway carpet was soaking wet. This isn't near the master bath so it couldn't be that.

I discerned that the noise was coming from the closed holding the hot water heater. I opened the door and water was gushing out of the pan from beneath the water heater, flooding the hallway and our hall closet. I didn't know what in the heck to do! R. wasn't answering his phone (at a PT appointment) so I just shut off any and every valve that I could find. It's a wonder I didn't blow the house up (gas water heater). I managed to stop the flow of water, R. got home and we cleaned up the flood as well as we could. We need new carpet anyway but damn, what else can happen? So I have instructions to have the plumbers look at that tomorrow as well.

Now for the "good" news. I guess I should qualifiy it--it's good news out of necessity but I wish that I never had to share this good news. The life insurance on Drew was paid out without any fight at all. With interest. Unfortunately this money will come in handy considering all of the bad stuff that has been happening. At least we don't have to fight with them over it though. I was NOT looking forward to that.


Tasha said...

Sorry to hear about the "flooding" problems! That's awful! It is good news that you don't have to fight with the insurance company. That is one less stress and you certainly don't need any more stress. I know it is not news you ever wanted though but think of it as Drew's way of helping you from Heaven! He is a little angel afterall! And a beautiful one at that! I hope things are more peaceful for you guys from here on out!

Hugs and Prayers,

Carole said...

Talk about everything happening at once! At least you had the presence of mind to start shutting things off...I probably would have just stood there hollering. lol I'm so glad the insurance company paid out the claim without a fight. Hopefully you guys are all dried out and fixed up soon. We're thinking of you!

Jenn said...


Sorry about everything that has been going on. When it rains it pours... :-(
I hope that things start to pick up for you gys soon.
If theres ayone deserving of a break, its you guys.
We all pray and think about you.

Anonymous said...

dearest Jana, you might want to check & see if your homeowners pollicy will cover any damage caused by a plumbing leak in or under the foundation. Policies used to cover this as a matter of fact, but newer polices are written in order to deny such coverage--but it is worth a shot - - -
Prayers for you always,

Cheryl (Kimberly's mommy)