Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy early birthday Elizabeth!

Happy early birthday to my Baby Girl!

Elizabeth won't be three until August 24 but over the last 2 days, she's received her main birthday gift. As many people know, she's a Nemo FREAK. Loves any and everything Nemo. So we had the idea to get an aquarium (plus Raymond is also a fish lover and has always wanted one). So we got a 20 gallon tank yesterday and we now have 27 fish living in it. And my poor Betta all alone. :( I briefly entertained the thought of doing a saltwater aquarium so E. could have her very own Nemo and Dory but quickly vetoed that because of the upkeep. So we have a freshwater tank with a couple of fish who will only eat frozen shrimp. Yuck! E. did pick out one fish this morning; a large fantail goldfish named, what else, Nemo.

Last night after we had it set up but before we got fish, she exclaimed, "It's BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!" All of her fish are "beauuuuuuuuuuutiful," too. :D I can't even tell you the kinds that we got aside from a dragon fish and a couple of angel fish. They should all live together fairly peacefully but Nemo might have to have his own place. We'll see. It's made E. so darn happy so it was definitely worth it. She pulls her stepstool over to the tank and just talks to the fish for long periods of time. That's quite amazing because her attention span is usually, oh, about 5 seconds at most. Anyway, that's her early b-day present.

It has been 100+ degrees here for a week and will be for the next week. It sucks. I hate hot weather. I hope it cools off before Elizabeth's birthday party that's outside in August. Wishful thinking, I know.

For those following our plumbing saga, here's an update. The plumbers couldn't fix the bathtub until we had a new hot water heater. The bottom had rotted out of our old one (!!!). So we got that fixed and the plumbers came back to work on the tub. They found it wasn't actually a foundation leak which was good news so they didn't have to jackhammer up our floor. It was a pipe under the tub though so the tile around the bathtub, the bathtub and the carpet were ripped out. In the process, there was extensive damage to our nice wood paneling and cabinets. So now the bathroom is a mess until an insurance adjuster gets out here on Wednesday to look at things. We'll go on from there but hey, we're getting a nearly completely new master bathroom regardless. I've already picked out the new tile for the floor and wall around the bathtub. :) We even have the new fixtures and they're beautiful! Here's a picture of things while in the process of being fixed. The only difference now is that the carpet is gone as is the entire tiled portion of the wall.

I want to share something that Elizabeth made the day that Drew died. She did this at Aikman's End Zone while Raymond and I were spending time with Drew before his death.

Aren't they sweet? She made one for her and one for Drew.

I received an e-mail from Aytekin today. The pain that he is feeling is so evident, I wish that I could make it better. Unfortunately, the grief is something you just have to go through (and I obviously still am). I know that our boys are up there with all of their other CDH friends looking over their families and CDH kids. I truly believe that.

Mert's death has really thrown me. I just never really doubted that he would do well after hearing that a patch was not needed for his repair. It's brought everything back from when Drew first died. I know that I've said it before but it's not getting easier. I honestly feel like I coped better immediately after his death than I am now. Probably because the shock is starting to wear off. Those first few days after Drew's death, I was in a fog. I don't remember much of it. But with Mert's passing, I'm starting to remember and feel more and more. I'm just so damn angry that another baby is gone because of CDH. Which brings me to another point...

President Bush is expected to veto some legislation regarding stem cell research soon. This issue is being overshadowed with all of the current turmoil in the Middle East but this is an important issue. When I was pregnant with Drew, I found some research done on sheeps that indicated that stem cells can help fetuses with CDH while in-utero. So why in the hell are we not exploring it?! Politics. That's the bottom line. I'm a fairly pro-life person and even I can see the benefit of stem cells. Maybe my dad wouldn't have to live with diabetes. Maybe my son would be alive. I'm sorry, this issue is becoming very important to me for obvious reasons.

I sat down to watch TV tonight after E. went to bed. I automatically flipped to TLC because, well, it's Monday and not much is on and TLC usually has "Untold Stories of the ER." Yeah, I'm a what?! Instead there was another show on about the Duggar family. The one that has 16 children. I think parts of their story are admirable however, I couldn't stop my negative feelings. They have 16 healthy children (I know that they have suffered at least 1 miscarriage and this is not meant to minimize that loss for it *is* a great loss) and my son and all of these other children die. Sixteen healthy pregnancies and healthy babies and I couldn't have more that one. And some of my friends haven't even had one. It pisses me off.

And with that, I'm done because I'm still pissed off.


haggardmom said...

We bought a fish for our daughter when she was about 2 1/2, a goldfish named 'Ned'. Originally Ned was in her room, but she kept stuffing things into his tank. One day it was full of toilet paper, another day it was hair ties and toys. I can't believe she didn't kill him... Finally we had to move him to a different tank in the living room, and even then we had to lock the lid because she still kept trying to put things in there! Poor Ned.

I love watching shows about the Duggars... they seem like a rare example of a family raising their kids in a responsible manner, and they have 16 kids because they want to, not because they're being irresponsible about birth control. I think, though, that if I were suffering a loss such as yours, that I'd probably feel the same way. It would seem very unfair on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such great parents. I can't imagine how happy E. must've been when she saw "Nemo" and that huge tank.
I just have to say that those toys E. made were absolutely precious. She's so sweet, Jana. =) ((((HUGS)))

<3 Lissette

Shawna said...

I love that you bought Ellie a fishtank full of fish!! Might wanna watch it though, for a 20 gallon tank, they reccommend no more than 15 fish due to feeding and space issues. lol I doubt you'll have trouble though, just what they reccommend. (in case they didn't tell ya) Oh and I'd check to be sure about the dragon fish and fantails because we were told that dragonfish can't tolerate the ammonia that comes off of goldfish. Just another heads up, not trying to be a bummer. lol I bet Ellie loves it though! We did the same thing with Joey and all of our fish are named after Nemo characters. Nemo himself recently died though so we need to replace him. Due to the fact that I didn't listen and bought too many fish, we only have Deb and Flo - which are 2 large Koi now, and Jacques and Bruce - which are 2 plecostamus, left now in a 30 gallon tank. OOPS! ;)

I can completely understand why watching the story about the Duggar family bothered you. I think it's great that they can have so many kids and still have the patience of Jobe (at least on camera lol) but at the same time, it angers me as well. The ones that anger me the absolute most are the ones where the women are abandoning their babies or continuing drugs while pregnant and the babies suffer or die after birth from it, and parents that abuse their children. That infuriates me!! Why should these women be able to have babies when so many people who would be good parents are losing theirs or unable to conceive. That makes me physically sick!!

Ok, I'm done venting now. lol I'm so sorry about your bathroom, it looks beautiful though. LMAO Hopefully they will have it completed fast and you really like the new look of your brand new bathroom. ((HUGS))