Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I got a call from my contact at the headstone company yesterday about 30 minutes before I was prepared to head over there and talk to them in person. The stone is finally HERE, in OKC. She told me that she was trying to put a rush on the installation since we've had to wait so long. Let's hope that happens because I'm still not the happiest person in the world about things. But at least I know that the etching is completed now and it's close to being done.

The Empty Cradle books arrived at my house on Monday. :) I've just finished putting all of the nameplates in them with Elizabeth's help. Now I just have to find a time to take them to the hospital. I'm so excited about this! Here are a few pictures of what you have all helped me accomplish to help others who lose their children:

A HUGE thank you goes out to the Jackson L. Graves Foundation for all of their help.

I received a message from a wonderful woman named Christie regarding the Rainbow of Hope website. She complimented me on the way I handled the information regarding those who choose to terminate their pregnancies when they find out the baby has a serious diagnosis. That made me feel so good because I wasn't really sure how to handle that information. I just feel that whatever decision a family makes is the right one for them and they should not receive any negative words or feelings for that decision. Her message really meant a lot to me. I am going to add some links that she passed onto me for those who have made that decision on the ROH website. She also submitted the ROH website to the Birth Defects Research for Children, Inc. website under CDH links! You can find it here.

Shawn, the wonderful woman who has made the majority of my photo collages, has started a service in memory of Avery. What she's doing is so wonderful, what a selfless person! I would encourage you all to check out what she's doing at Cloud Nine Photo Designs. She only accepts donations and all of those donations will go to benefit CDH research and education through Avery's memorial fund. Thank you, Shawn, for all that you have done and are doing to help us raise awareness!


stacy said...


Jenn shared your exciting news the day she found out from BOH. Ive been anxiously awaiting your post, but know how emotional it must be for you. Drew is letting you that everything is okay!!

Thinking of you!

Lauren said...


How wonderful that all of the books have arrived! What you are doing for others is so great. Isn't Shawn amazing? Thank you so much for mentioning Cloud Nine Photo Designs here. I really hope it takes off. I want to do anything I can to help others like Drew and Avery.

Love Lauren

Christie Brooks said...

I wasn't sure if you received my e-mail or not. I see now that you have. Thank you so much for the kind words. And thank you for considering putting the termination support links on your Rainbow of Hope website. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure it will be so helpful to many other women in the future.
And what a wonderful way to honor Drew's memory (and all of the other CDH angels) by donating all of the copies of "Empty Cradle, Broken Heart". I read that book shortly after my loss and it helped me tremendously. Keep up the good work. :)