Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Seems as though our little Bug (Elizabeth) has a bug of her own. She threw up in her sleep at 1:58 this morning. Then again at 2:55 a.m. Quick bath with her begging to go back to sleep. Took her to sleep downstairs since she'd puked all over the two beds upstairs. Set her up on the floor and she got sick again. At 3:30 a.m., I headed to Walgreens to get some fluids and hopefully something to settle her stomach. Got her to take a little bit of a chewable thing and she promptly vomited it back up. I was gagging along with her. She slept on the floor with Daddy and drank well this morning. Then threw up all over our ottoman and floor. I called the doctor's office, it's just a bug, and got some instructions. She's mad at me because I won't let her eat anything. Papa brought us some 7-Up and Sprite (thank you!!). Fun, fun.

I don't recall her ever being sick like this. She's a remarkably healthy child. It's times like this that I'm glad that we co-sleep (even though she puked a bit on me and I was gagging at the smell). She did not wake up when she got sick the first time--I had to wake her up and she was laying on her back. *shudder* She's now laying on her Big Nemo toy in front of the fire and watching Cars. Poor baby girl. :(

I was sick on Monday and thought it was just due to being pregnant. Maybe it wasn't. I hope whatever she has doesn't come back to me.

We got the Christmas tree up last night. Me being the scrooge that I am decided not to pull out all of the ornaments. Just Elizabeth's, Drew's and some of the balls. It looks pretty. Didn't get out any of the other holiday decorations. The cat has already tried to climb the tree 3 times today. I'm going to end up hurting her if she does not stop it RIGHT.NOW!! Damn cat.

We're supposed to get 1-4 inches of snow today and tomorrow. It was 70 something degrees yesterday. Might even get a big ice storm. Lovely, just what we need. (I'm telling you, I'm beyond cranky lately.) Guess the 90 pound dog will be living in the house for a while. That's ok, she's very good when inside but the cat freaks out. Most of the time she'll just hide but then she's mad at us for days. Since we're talking about the animals, I don't think that any fish have died in a few weeks. :)

I broke down and drug E. out Christmas shopping yesterday. I got a lot of it done, just need a few more things. All of those happy smiling people were getting on my nerves, though. I was wandering through Dillard's, thinking maybe I would find something for Carson (I know, he's not even close to being born yet but I was there and decided to look) and the first outfit that I saw was the one that we buried Drew in. Ugh. We went home after that.

I just cannot get into things this year for the first time in my life. I haven't had E.'s pictures taken, haven't done Christmas cards, or anything. I just don't feel like it. I'll get around to it eventually I suppose.

Carson is becoming much more active. Seems as though he's going to follow Drew's pattern and keep me up all night. Lovely. Still nervous about the follow-up ultrasound on the 7th. I think I'll be nervous about things the rest of my life.

Happy Birthday to my Dad. It's tomorrow (the 30th). I won't put his age because my Mom's 10 days older than him and she might not appreciate me sharing her age with everyone! :D I will say that they were fairly young when they had me so they're not THAT old.