Monday, February 05, 2007

A general update

Sasha seems to be doing well, thank goodness. If you really think about it, it's amazing that they can even do organ transplants much less have successful outcomes. It boggles the mind (at least mine). I know that Sasha's family is so relieved right now; for the first time in her life, Sasha has some normal numbers in regards to her liver (I can't recall if it's the bili levels or the general liver numbers--the important thing is that SOMETHING'S normal now!). The whites of her eyes are no longer green/yellow and her skin tone is more normal. Simply amazing. Now to hope that everything continues on an upward trend for little Sasha.

I'm still having ups and downs with regards to this pregnancy and Drew. I suppose I will until Carson's born. I'll have a few really good days and then a down one. Today was a down one but there were other contributing factors.

I had a doctors appointment today to check on Carson. My parents were in town so they got to come with me and hear Carson's heartbeat. :) It was 131 bpm, slower than it usually is but still good. I had actually gained a pound this time. That's really good since I hadn't gained any in the last month (I think; I know I hadn't last time). Blood pressure was great at 108/70. All in all a good appointment, right? No, not really.

My OB told me that she's leaving OU. :( That's a real blow to me because I REALLY like her--our philosophies on childbirth are so similar (limited medical intrustion, birth is a natural process) and that's difficult to find in these times. She'll be gone by April 1. She's going to a birth center so no VBAC's which means I can't follow her. OU has plenty of doctors who do VBAC's and at my next appointment, we're doing to discuss who she would suggest turning my care over to. I understand when an opportunity presents itself that you sometimes just have to take it but I'm going to miss her. She's really the first doctor that I've felt 100% comfortable with.

Raymond is now the president of he .net Users Group (the OKC one). Lucky guy. :D He'll do a great job, of course, and it's good for his resume also. He's really enjoying his new job. It seems to be challenging him and he needs that. All in all, home life is pretty happy aside from missing Drew. As E. says, "Drew and the angel are dead." She got it a bit mixed but I know what she means.

E. starts "school" 2 days a week tomorrow, up from one day. We figure we'll get her going 2 days well before Carson arrives because I will want time alone with Carson and she's gotten to where she loves school and asks to go all the time. Her teachers say that she's made a complete turnaround and she's blessing them with her personality and non-stop talking, haha!


Kathy McC said...

I started sending Aaron to school more often right before Kameron was born. It really helped a lot. I think you'll be happy you did it.

Glad to hear Carson is doing well...sorry to hear your favorite doc is leaving. :-( Did she recommend the best replacement doctor? Are there any others in the practice you're comfortable with?

Gina said...

I hope you can find another doctor you will like and feel comfortable with!

That is great that Sasha is doing well. Her and her family are in my thoughts.