Sunday, May 06, 2007

Finally, pictures posted

Ok, I finally found the time to edit and post pictures of Carson. I only posted 60 pictures (:D). I say only because I already have over, um, 400 pictures and he's not even 3 weeks old. I love digital cameras!

I did write up my birth story too but I have to edit it so I'll try and get it up tomorrow night; no promises though. I forgot how much time newborns take up and how utterly exhausted they make you!

Here's the link to more Carson (and Elizabeth) pictures. Enjoy!


Ivy said...

I've been waiting for over a week, but the server here won't let me go to your website. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy McC said...

Just LOVE the pictures of E and C together. You can tell they just love each other so much. Beautiful.

Dawn Nolan said...


Carson is just gorgeous! What a beutiful family you have. Thank you for sharing your family, your sorrow and your joy. May the days ahead bring mostly joy. You are an amazing person and I can see why you're all so in love with Carson!

Anonymous said...

There are the most precious photos Jana! Elizabeth really is going to be a great big sister. You can really see the love. Carson is just totally adorable. He looks so alert and happy in the photos with E.

Love Nat

Anonymous said...


He is simply DIVINE! YUMMY pretty much sums it up! I bet he gets TONS of kisses on a daily basis :) Thanks for posting a ton of pictures...LOVED looking! Way too cute! And...seeing E and C together...breath taking! I am so happy that you have Carson in your arms for this Mother's Day and are able to enjoy him with E and R. Beautiful!