Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doctor appointment

I finally got Carson in for his 2 month check-up yesterday. Forget the fact that he's almost 3 months!! I can honestly say that it wasn't my fault for the delay--his doctor's office is always booked. Yet another reason I need to get in gear and change offices. Anyway, here's how it went.

He weighs 11 pounds, 9 ounces (I don't know why I told you 11.2, Mom and Dad. I was wrong!) and is 23 1/4 inches long. So he's long and skinny. His head circumferance is 40.2 cm. He's in the 24th percentile for weight, 30th for length and 30th for head. Of course, this is using the standard chart that is based on formula fed babies but whatever. (There's a different one for BF babies, FYI.) Bottom line is that he's growing well.

He DOES have a small umbilical hernia but it's very small and should heal on its own over the next few years. He's also got a bit of reflux but not enough to really worry about. I was given some medicine that I can give him if I want to but it's not something that is "mandatory," for lack of a better word. I'll probably give it to him to see if it helps with the spitting up and rattling in his esophagus.

He got 4 shots, poor baby. He was smiling and cooing at the nurse right up until she poked him and then she got a look, screams and tears. Poor baby. I'm a bit pissed that they would not let me nurse him while he got his shots but I nursed him right after and he calmed down. So far he's had no reaction to the shots. I delay some vax's but not the ones he got yesterday.

All in all, a good appointment--he's a healthy, growing boy.

Elizabeth is back in school today, thank goodness. She was a terror while we were out-of-town, much worse than she usually is. She makes me feel like such a failure as a mother sometimes. I know that much of it is the age and the rest is just how she is but I'm almost at a loss with her. I love her so much and she can be so sweet sometimes but other times...well, she's just not pleasant to be around. *sigh* I guess I'll figure something out. R. thinks that she may have ADHD but I really don't think so. From all that I've read, kids with ADHD have problems concentrating. E. has no problems with that if it's something that she really wants to do. I just don't know. I do know that I don't want to label her and it would be very difficult for me to agree to a diagnosis of ADHD and medication. I realize that many kids truly are ADHD but on the other hand, I think the diagnosis is handed out all too often and kids are unnecessarily medicated for it. She's good in school. Her teachers say that she's a joy to have, always happy, very energetic but that ths listens. That also indicates to me that she's not ADHD. Ugh, just so much to consider and wrap my head around.

One thing I do know, she is the most loving child that I have met. She's generally very sweet with Carson and ADORES him. She says that he is "my baby, no one else's." Her heart is huge. She talks about how she misses Drew so much and that she wishes that he could be here. It's difficult to put into words how E. is. You just have to be around her to see what I'm saying. God, I love that girl even though she is defiant and frustrating.


Stephanie Smith - 831 Photography said...

Hey Jana,
Ian has a lot of the same personality quirks that E. does. He is very sweet and loving sometimes and very defiant and angry others. E-mail me if you want to talk. We have him in a special program that seems to be helping. It helps me learn how to relate to him better as well. Just drop me an e-mail if you want more info. I can tell you that in the month we have been in the classes, his behavior has gotten better by at least 80%! Hugs! Steph
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