Thursday, October 04, 2007

Elizabeth brags

I wanted to devote a post to Elizabeth alone. It is sometimes difficult to look past the typical 4 year old behavior and her extreme high energy/needs and focus on the positive; today was a difficult day for us and I want to remember a few of her wonderful traits. And there are a ton of positives--many more than the negatives. She's got such a neat personality, I love this child to death and I cannot wait to see what she ends up doing with her life. So here are some Elizabeth brags:
1) She's the best big sister that I have ever seen. She absolutely adores Carson (as she did Drew) and is always hugging and kissing on him. She loves to hold him and make him laugh--and she's good at that. She just has to look at him and he cracks up. Drew was the same way. When she would visit him, he would not take his eyes off of her. He gave her some smiles and he didn't dole those out to just anyone. She loved to pull her red chair up to his bed, climb up on it, talk to him, and hold/kiss his hand.

She will pretty much only talk to Carson on the telephone and he is the first person she greets when we pick her up from somewhere. It's always, "What's Carson doing? Did he miss me? I love him so much!" We have had very, very few jealousy issues since Carson arrived and she is a big help around the house. About 95% of the time, she'll do whatever we ask to help out with Carson. She takes his diaper off every morning (usually while I'm still sleeping, but still...) so that he doesn't have to be in a wet diaper. No matter that he pees all over the bed, she's helping! And to watch her try to put a clean diaper on is soooooo funny! She sayd, "Boy Carson, you sure do like to JUMP!!"

2) She got a "Beary Good" award in pre-school. She got it for sharing. I'm proud of her for that one because we work a lot on sharing and she's pretty good about it. Go Elizabeth!!

3) Both of her teachers at school praise her for how she is with the other/younger kids. For example, they were doing puzzles about a month ago and all of the kids were getting frustrated. E. has loved puzzles for a long time and Miss V. said that she went around to EVERY child and helped them, explaining how to work the puzzle (do the edges first, turn the piece until it fits, etc.). Miss V. was so impressed that E. was so good at puzzles and that she helped every other child without being asked or anything.

And she loves the younger children. She helps Miss V. and Miss R. with them. They tell me that she makes sure that no one is left out, shows them how to do things, hugs them, etc. They have told me that she is such a compassionate, caring, and loving child. That makes me so proud; more proud than just about anything else. She has a large heart, she always has but especially since she witnessed what Drew went through. I often think that she is wise beyond her years.

There is a little girl with Down's Syndrome at her school and she is so good with her. She helps her on the play equipment, with coloring, with laying down at naptime, the list goes on and on. She always has to hug and kiss Josie (and her BFF "Lil" Wyatt--there's an older Wyatt there too) before we leave and Josie just idolizes Elizabeth. Too her, Josie is just like all of the other kids and I want her to keep that outlook throughout her life. We talk about differences and how they're a good thing. She really seems to like that concept.

So we seem to be raising a wonderfully caring little girl and I just want to cry because it makes my heart feel so good. I've always thought that Drew and his situation would have an impact on her life (in the immediate future and forever) and I believe this is one way that it manifests itself.

3) She is so darn creative and imaginative too. I love to peek at her while she's playing when she does not know that I'm looking and listening. Her latest thing is hosting tea parties and she's the best hostess--she serves all of her "guests" first and makes sure that they have all that they need. She will even sing for them. :D

4) She is so good about using her manners. We've been working very hard on asking nicely for things and it's beginning to really stick. She's always been good with her "please's" and "thank you's" but the concepts are evolving into more difficult situations and what to say when and she's doing really well. I always get compliments on her manners. She might be EXTREMELY high energy but she's polite 90% of the time. Of course she slips but when I remind her, she'll say, "Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm sorry." (I tell her not to be sorry but it's just something that she says.)

5) She's also so smart. I know that all parents think that but Elizabeth really is, hehe! She's progressing well on her phonics and seems to enjoy it. Much of that has to do with Miss R. and the curriculum that she is using at pre-school. All of her teachers have told me that she's highly intelligent (of course, Raymond and I are her parents!). We don't push her at home; we've never been the flashcard type or the type that force any kind of learning. We basically follow her lead and she's been leading me down more academic paths lately. Learning is about asking questions and boy can she ask them, like all 4 year olds! I hope this turns into a love of learning (the main reason we don't pressure her or push things)--learning about any and everything!

6) She's just so darn loving. She always tells us that she loves us so much and she's a little cuddle bug. She can't be still when you're cuddling her but she likes to cuddle, nonetheless. We, of course, tell her constantly how much she is loved and how glad we are that she is our "big" girl. I have gotten her to promise that she'll always be my little girl, though. ;) Just yesterday, she told me that she needed more Daddy hugs and kisses so that she wouldn't be sad. The ones that she gave him before he left for work were not enough. She's always saying stuff like that or, "Hold me, Mommy. I need some lovin'."
I can go on and on about my sweet little Bug. She's just a pretty cool person. Once she outgrows these tantrums, it will be even better! So my little girl, this post was just for you and I love you so much.


Hennifer said...

What a beautiful post to capture those moments in life! I wish I did that more. I have to say I felt as if I was reading about my own so, truly. Not just the I'm a happy mom portion but the specifics... except my son has a speech delay and sounds are very difficult for him. Anyway... I think it is very true about Drew's life and how it has affected his big sister. He lives in the positive energy he's spread to so many.

The Nanny said...

Such a sweet post and a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter. My nannykid A. is going through a phase (a year-long phase) where she throws horrible tantrums, and it's a very difficult and trying experience. But concentrating on her so very many wonderful traits helps, just like you do with Elizabeth!

Sam said...

I too have had a baby with CDH, Lauren. She was born on June 13th 2007 and passed away on June 21st. Just 8 days old. I just wanted to say that all of your children are beautiful, and thank you for sharing your story. Your video of Baby Drew was much like what we went through with Lauren. Once again thank you.

Pam said...

Jana, I just wanted to tell you that I love reading all of your comments that you write. You have a gift of writing and your children will cherish that in later years. I hear so many stories from your Mother and I just love hearing them. I think you are being a great Mom and I can tell that God is working in your lives.
Pam (SPS)