Monday, December 10, 2007

Small update

I figured that I'd post a quick update. I haven't had a lot of time over the past couple of weeks for various reasons. The main one being that Raymond is in NYC and has been since last Tuesday. He's supposed to be home tomorrow night but we're having an ice storm so it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he'll make it here. The kids and I have been doing well--surprisingly since we're pretty much homebound. E. has been pretty good. I've been letting her do my hair and make-up. :D She even put some make-up on Carson this morning. She painted my fingernails and toenails too. My parents were here for a couple of days so that REALLY helped me to not lose my mind.

Elizabeth had her very first dance recital on Saturday. It wasn't a full-blown recital but just one song. Her class danced to "What Child Is This" and she did so good! Her big recital with costumes and everything is in May. She got flowers from Grandmama, Granddaddy, Carson and me. :) She has a school program this Thursday night that should be so cute. She's been practicing her songs at the top of her voice!

Carson....oh Carson. My big boy is growing up way too fast. :( He's now crawling all over the place. He can also pull himself up (all on his own) to his knees. He can go from his tummy to a sitting position on his own too. He can pull up to standing if you're holding his hands. He looks at me and says, "Mama!" His little personality is just shining through and he's such a sweet natured little guy. So is Elizabeth but he's much more laidback and easy-going. Where is my baby?!

I got all of my hair chopped off. I mean CHOPPED. And I love it. I might post a picture in the near future but I hate pictures of myself. My slight OCD is rearing its ugly head in regards to my iPod. I have to rename all of the songs and classify them correctly by genre. With almost 8,000 songs that takes some time but I'm almost there! How's THAT for excitement in one's life?!

We got the Christmas flowers out on Drew's grave on Saturday along with a little thing that says, "Love, Santa." What more can I say? My heart is hurting so bad, still. It always will.

Got the Christmas cards and most are addressed. Now I just have to mail them. *sigh*

Cadenne is here. She is currently on ECMO and seems to be fairly stable. The ups and downs with CDH kids are so trying. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. As bad as it sounds, I hope that they have a long journey in front of them because that will mean that Cadenne lives and does ok.


Carole said...

Post a pic...please. I would love to see your hair. I bet it looks super awesome.

The kids are growing up too fast!

Thinking of you during this holiday season.