Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh man... (pics)

Turns out that Elizabeth has seasonal allergies. That's why she can't stop coughing and her nose will not stop running. We've started her on some allergy meds so hopefully that will help. Poor kid, I was hoping that she would skip those--Daddy has them but Mommy doesn't.

Now Carson has a cold. :( Hearing him cough breaks my heart but being the little sweetie that he is, he still has a smile on his face. He's also got a leaky nose. And he's given his cold to me and *I'm* coughing and have a runny nose now too. So it's FUN around our house right now.

Raymond and the kids gave me my Christmas present yesterday. (Yeah, I'm spoiled! I already got it!) The first thing I requested was a new wedding ring set. Nope, R. wasn't going to do that. The next thing I requested was a new charm bracelet so that I could put all of my charms that I got for Drew (and 2 for the other kids) on it. Nope, he's not going to do THAT either. Finally, out of frustration, I told him to get me an iPod Nano. He wanted to give me his Zune (a Microsoft iPod) and get him a new one. Um, no. I'm sick of hand-me-downs--I get the hand-me-down phones, computers, cars, etc. He could get on board with that request because it's a techie thing the only problem was that I wanted a pink one. They are not currently making a pink Nano. So he got me a silver one, E. got me a pink cover for it and C. got me the car accessories. Now I'm happy. :)

Here's proof that Carson is going to break my heart (the photographer could not stop taking pictures of him, these are just a portion of those taken--she fell in love with him and he turned on the charm big time; these are his 7 month pictures):

Muscle man!!


Carole said...

He couldn't be any cute. Love the one of him in his diaper doing the push up. He's gonna make the girls swoon.

Yay for the iPod. I'd be lost without mine!

The Lavato Family said...

Jana, Carson is SOOOO precious!!! The camera seems to love him and vice versa! What a doll :-) Congrats on the Nano. That's been my favorite gift of the year and you'll LOVE it!