Friday, February 17, 2006

Another NST

Another NST this morning. I had one heck of a contraction while hooked up to the machine BUT..........I didn't feel it. The nurse looked at me kind of strangely when I said that I didn't feel it. I just sat there and watched it go up, up, up and then taper off, thinking to myself, "Hmmm, that looks like a real contraction." It lasted about 1.5 minutes. I was on the machine for 20 minutes (short periods of time because Drew's so cooperative with his movements and staying on the monitor) and only had the one big contraction so they're not close together at this point.

I'm 36 weeks today and she said they are not concerned if Drew arrives before March 8 at this point. He's considered full-term. Raymond seems sure that Drew will hold off until his induction date, I'm not so sure. I FELT his head engage and my cervix lower on Tuesday evening. It was a strange feeling--I did not go through any of this with E. or if I did, I wasn't aware of it.

My BP was 118/72 and Drew's heartrate stayed around 130. We just can't wait to meet the little guy, know more about his condition, and proceed from there. I really hope that he doesn't come early but if he does, we'll deal with it. All I know is that I've been feeling *good* the past couple of days, aside from normal aches and pains.

Yesterday, I got him a stuffed elephant to keep with him in the NICU from me and R. For E., Raymond picked out frogs as her animal before birth and would buy her frog stuff (still does). His first choice for Drew is dinosaurs but I couldn't find a stuffed one (ok, so I only went to 1 store, I know they are out there. Give me a break, I'm 9 months pregnant and have a toddler) so the elephant is the #2 choice. E. got him a turtle to keep in the NICU. The turtle records a message and E. is on it saying, "Wuv you Baby Drew." My sweet girl.