Monday, February 20, 2006

Final U/S

Today we got our last look at Drew before he's born. I can't wait to see how he compares in "real life" to his pictures in utero.

He did well on the NST this morning. His heart rate stated in the upper 130s-low 140s. The nurse didn't say anything but I was watching the paper. My uterus was contracting a little and pretty regularly. It looked like a 10-15 second contraction every 3-5 minutes. They were barely registering but I'm pretty sure I'm finally feeling them. It's so strange because with E., I KNEW from the very first contraction that I was having them. There was no leading up with E.--they hit and they hit hard. Not so much this time. They're hurting enough to make me uncomfortable but nowhere near painful, if that makes sense. But I just don't feel well all around. Over the weekend, I was hurting pretty badly but that's tapered off. My blood pressure was 130/82 so it's creeping up but not worrisome.

Drew still looks good on U/S. He's REALLY practicing his breathing and that's such a good thing. It looks like he's been doing heavy exercising his torso is moving so much. That's not an indication of problems breathing outside of the uterus, or so the OB resident said. They have to really prod babies to see them practice sometimes, but not Drew. I'm taking that as a VERY good sign. Stomach is still very obviously up in the chest, heart over to the right.

There is still no fluid build-up around any of his organs. His head is already measuring over 40 weeks (kind of scares me...I have to try and birth that thing!) but it's not due to fluid, he just has a big head. His weight was estimated at 6 lbs. 7 oz. And my GBS was negative so no worries on that front. The amniotic fluid level is up again, but not quite high enough to be classified as polyhydramnios.