Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another worry

There's a lot on my mind today, hence the multiple posts.

When we toured the hospital, the perinatal coordinator told us that they had been rejecting babies because the NICU's were full to capacity. Babies were being diverted to other NICU's but OU's are the only ones in the state that have some of the more advanced capabilities, hence the #1 reason Drew is going to be born there. Children's is the only place in the state that has ECMO capabilities and if Drew needs to be on ECMO, that's where he needs to be. I asked point blank about the possibility of Drew being sent elsewhere and she told us that would NOT happen. That was in January.

Cut to the news last night. I'm not an idiot who takes the news at face value, in fact, I tend to talk back to the TV and tell the anchors/reporters just why what they're reporting is inaccurate and why they're idiots. :D However, my perinatologist was interviewed and was talking about the shortage of NICU's in the state. All of them in OKC are currently full. All of them in Tulsa are currently full. Babies are being sent out-of-state. This makes me VERY nervous since my peri is acknowledging the shortage on the news. I plan on asking him and my nurse about our situation on Monday at my NST.

I do NOT want Drew moved. I'm as comfortable as I can be with this situation with the staff at OU. I like my perinatologist, my perinatal program coordinator, and the pediatric surgeon that we've met with. Drew just can't get an infection--I feel very strongly that it would lower his odds of survival immensely if he were moved and had to have his surgery or just had it. I understand that NO babies in the NICU need to be moved but honestly, right now, my concern is with MY son. I never want to see babies in danger but THIS IS MY CHILD!! Sounds horrible, doesn't it? It's so selfish but it's how I feel.

I probably sound as if I'm freaking out. I'm really not, it's just another concern that I have now that's been on my mind all day.