Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another plea, good news, etc.

I found out that any donation made to my Paypal account for the books will also be tax deductible. I will write one check for any donations received via Paypal by July 31, 2006, and send it to the Jackson Graves Foundation along with a list of contributors. They will then mail out a receipt to you for the amount of your donation. So come on everyone, remember $5.00 will buy a book for another family in need! Here's the donation link again so you don't have to go searching for it. :D

I just got some great news from Jackson's mother Kimberly but I'm not going to share it right now. Maybe she'll have more information about it on Jackson's blog tomorrow. I hope so, I just ask that you keep Jackson in your thoughts and prayers right now. This is HUGE.

I have also added a few more links to some CDH babies websites. Each one of these families and children are amazing and I feel such a closeness to them all. It's amazing how so much good can come out of tragedy. I've made friends because of Drew that I would have never had the pleasure of knowing. I'm thankful for that.

So I'm reading a fictional book right now and I just had to put it away. There is a part about a killer wanting to make the world "perfect" and he fantasizes about killing ill babies to "relieve their suffering." I just started shaking so hard, breathing heavily and sweating. Even though it was fictional it bothered me. Yeah, I read some great books, I know.

And here's some more great news. I have the website up. I'm not even close to finished yet but you can get a good picture of what I'm hoping to accomplish. The link is A Rainbow of Hope: CDH Awareness. Let me know what you think, I'm always open to constructive criticism. I can't thank those who have helped me with this enough.


Gina said...

Hi. I'm a stranger kinda. I posted a bit on DIM with you but not a lot. I have been following your blog though. I'm very touched by it all. I loved the new site too. I think you are doing an excellent job getting the word out. Had it not been for Drew, I would have never known what CDH is. My heart still aches for you and I share your story with everyone. His life has touched so many others lives.

Anonymous said...

The website looks great, Jana!

Kim Klingbeil

Catherine said...

Donation made. :o)

The website looks fabulous. You are making such good in the face of such tragedy. I am touched by your story and inspired by your strength.

stacy said...


I'm very impressed by your new website. Kudos to you!! I am new to the CDH journey and have traveled very closely with my dearest friend Jennifer and her superstar daughter Audrey. My heart still aches for those of you who have lost your babies to CDH. You are truly doing amazing things with your website to help those on this journey.

Many blessings,

PS. I'm sending in a contribution for the Cradle Book to Jackson Graves tomorrow.