Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First appointment

Yesterday was my first appointment for this pregnancy with a new OB. It took most of the morning what with bloodwork, physical exams, questions, etc. but it was worth it. I really like this doctor. She sees no reason why I shouldn't be able to do a VBAC, thank goodness! I'm healthy, BP and all of that is good. Now onto the baby.

I was 10 weeks on Sunday. The doctor said that my uterus felt like a 10 week one and we actually heard the heartbeat via doppler. Well, the doctor and I did. The baby was moving and it only registered for a few seconds and R. didn't hear it. It was 170 beats per minute, which is good. If we hadn't heard it on doppler, they would have done a quick US. While I'm sad at not getting the chance to see the baby, I'm glad that the heartbeat was strong enough to be picked up by doppler and I know all about the worries regarding frequent US. Seems like there are worries for everything.

Dr. B. is going to send us to meet with a maternal/fetal specialist (and geneticist) to address some of my concerns regarding the genetic component of CDH and the antidepressant that I'm taking. Paxil has been shown to cause an increase in heart defects and we've really been worried about that. However, it would not be good for me to go off of it right now and it's not something that you can just stop taking. So I'm going to continue on it since it's working for me and Dr. B. helped with some of my concerns regarding taking it. I'm still nervous but not quite as bad as I was. (The plan was to wean me off of it before we tried to get pregnant again but, like I said, this was a surprise so we didn't have that chance.)

I will also have my first level II US at about 18 weeks. I will also have more than normal because of Drew and also to ease my mind. Dr. B. really seemed to take our concerns to heart and is working to help us in any way that she can. She was a bit surprised at the due date as well! We talked about no induction--I told her that I will NEVER do that again unless it's absolutely necessary--and the importance of going into labor spontaneously. No problem, I did with E. and did fine.

All in all, I'm feeling much more excited about this pregnancy now. It's still so bittersweet because it probably would not be happening if Drew had survived but you have to roll with it. And we had planned on another child, just not this soon. Maybe everything is working out for the best, though.

Now for some musings on the state fair. That's where we spent about 5 hours yesterday after the doctor stuff.

Since our marriage almost 10 years ago (eek!), we've always lived close to where the state fairs take place--either in California or in Oklahoma. I thought that nothing could top California's fair. In the past 2 years, I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong. Oklahoma's fair can.

Fairs are just fun. For the exhibits, food, rides and most importantly, people watching. And there are some people to watch here in Oklahoma! I don't think that I've seen so many butt cracks, lewd tattoos, and all around "interesting" people in one place in my life. Last year it was the girl in a skin tight Lakers jersey made into a dress with white spike heeled lace up boots and hair at least a foot high. Nothing that spectacular this year but interesting nonetheless. Especially karoke, hehe! Everywhere we turned there was a pregnant woman, maybe I just noticed because I'm pregnant. Most were VERY pregnant though while I just look fat. :( Anyway, it was a good time observing all of the sights.

E. had fun. She rode the rides (some by herself), ate some fair food, got her face painted and had an all around great time. And she slept well last night, even slept in a bit this morning. It was a nice time to spend as a family. R. is pretty clever too. He got E. a HUGE Nemo stuffed animal but we've had our experiences on how much money it takes to win those things so he just asked the guy how much. He threw a few darts, handed over lots of money and E. got her Nemo. He didn't have to spend all of that time trying to win the animal and E. was in heaven. We even had to sleep with that huge Nemo last night. She's currently leaning on him and talking to him.

Also, Dawn has more CDH stuff up on ebay so everyone go bid! You can find the items here.


Shawn C said...


I am so glad you are feeling a wee bit more comfortable stress-wise with things. It would be a shame for you to miss out on the enjoyment of pregnancy (although sometimes it is UNCOMFORTABLE!). Worry is natural, but Drew is smiling down on you, Raymond and E - he is always there for you!

Lauren said...

I'm so glad to hear this Jana! Glad you're feeling a lot more positive about things. It will just keep getting better!

Love Lauren

Krista said...

Thinking of you Jana. Thanks for your additions to the Rainbow of Hope site. I think we're going to try the Baby AngelPics too.

Emma said...


Thinking about you :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am one of the moms who was with you on the due in march 06 boards and I have kept up with your story. I am so happy for you and your family. Nothing will ever replace sweet angel Drew, but God is giving you a gift that hopefully will help ease the pain!