Friday, September 15, 2006

Some stuff

I'm kind of bored tonight and I'm not exhausted for once. :) Raymond and Elizabeth are out at my in-laws house for the night so I'm here alone with Pooky (cat), Molly (dog) and all of the fish. No offense, but they're not the best company!

I've come down with a cold and feel pretty darn miserable. With my previous 2 pregnancies, I also came down with colds at around this same point. Strange. I wish it didn't happen because I'm pretty limited in what I can take so I'm just not taking anything for it right now. It just has to run its course.

I have added something exciting to the Rainbow of Hope website. I have some silicone wristbands, like the Livestrong wristbands up. Here's a picture of one:

Go to the website for more information.

And the wonderful Shawn has done it again. Look at these three images that she made for us:

Thank you so much, Shawn! They are so beautiful and touching!

I guess that's all I have for now. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes regarding this pregnancy. Please hope that I'm not sick all 9 months like I was with both E. and Drew. (My track record doesn't bode that well for me, does it?)


Gina said...

I know we don't know eachother ( I was on DIM with you but barely posted), but I think about you and Drew all the time. I think I feel connected cause we were both DIM and all... I don't know. I te;; a lot of people about CDH cause people need to be informed. Just know that you all have changed my life.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Shawn C said...

Oh I am still so excited about the expectant mommy!! Thank you for allowing me (and others) to follow you through your difficult journey - and future joys!