Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, we're trying to recover from Halloween around our house today. I'm so sick of hearing, "I NEED more candy, Mommy! Not the chocolate ones, the other ones," that I think I'm going insane. And it's only 9:15 a.m. I've been informed that I'm a "mean Mommy" because I made Elizabeth eat and apple rather than candy. Oh the horror. Can you tell that I don't really care that much that I'm "mean?" She'll get over it...eventually! :D

Elizabeth was Dory from "Finding Nemo." It was her choice, I'm sure you all know how she is obsessed with anything Nemo. She even has a piece of wood that she carries around the backyard and calls her "Little Fella." (Dory called a jellyfish little fella for those not as well versed in Nemo as I am.) She carries that piece of wood around like a baby and talks to it. She even bathes it in Molly's (the dog) water dish. She also has a sometimes friend (imaginary) named Gordon. I'd like to see into her mind for a few minutes, although I might run away screaming in horror!

We spent the weekend in Texas. It was a nice getaway. We're going back this weekend for a family friend's fundraiser for a scholarship in honor of their daughter who was killed in a traffic accident. Let me tell you, driving 4 hours with a child who has to potty every 30 minutes makes for a long drive. :) When they say they need to go, they mean NOW.

While we were in TX, E. went trick-or-treating at my mom's office with some other kids. They were so cute. But you know how I was talking about the song "You Raise Me Up" playing seemingly everywhere I go? We went into the office of one of my mom's co-worker's and guess what was playing. You got it; that song. Just another example of strangeness that happens to me since Drew's death.

I'm going to the cememtery later today. Last night was the only night that they lock the gates (for Halloween). There's going to be one upset Mommy if anything happened to Drew's grave. I don't know why defacing graves would seem like fun but I guess to some people it does. I'm probably worrying about nothing and what a worry to have to have, huh?!

This last week, the "morning" sickness has come on with a vengence. For example, I had to pull off the road on the way to TX and get sick. I got some strange looks, that's for sure. Just waiting for the 9th with a ton of fear. I just cannot seem to get into this pregnancy. I feel like I should be excited like I was with E. and Drew but I'm just not. What a way for a mother to feel. I'm hoping that the U/S will make everything more real and exciting for me.


Shawn C said...

I am now in the same boat (heheh...get it?) when it comes to Nemo fans.
Darby LOVES Nemo, and her dad and I are now super-hyper-Nemo-know-all-the-words-people.
On our way trick or treating, I said "If you put one fin on that boat..." and Lee chimed right in and said "You are in big trouble, mister!"
After that, we did the Turtles in the EAC scene together.

We so totally rock!

Gimme some fin! *smack*

"Noggin!" *clunk*


So....yes....I am now a Nemo expert. Yay me.

You will be more comfortable and able to enjoy your pregnancy when you are certain you can be. I hope that is soon. You know how wonderful it can be.

*BIG HUGS* to you

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Halloween went well. I am so sorry about the MS. I hope it gives you a break. I am sure after you know everything is fine, you will be more able to get into this pregnancy.