Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ultrasound results

I can't post the pictures that we got today because I don't have Photoshop installed yet and the software I'm using saves the pictures in some strange format. But I thought that I'd post the results anyway and get the pictures up later.

Carson is still obviously a boy. :) His heart rate was 160 beats per minute which is good. The heart looks great according to the doctor. His brain measurements are all good as are his bone measurements. We were able to see his kidneys and bladder. We also saw a complete diaphragm and a stomach below it. All in all, Carson appears to be a perfectly normal little guy. He weighs 1 pound 1 ounce right now, also right on for my due date.

The doctor said that she would do another U/S around 7 months if my OB and I wanted one done. I probably will want one, just to be sure. So we got a good report today and Carson was moving all around so it was challenging to get all of the measurements that they needed. He's an active boy.


Ivy said...

GREAT news! I've been waiting to hear:) Hey, email me the colors of Carson's nursery when you have time:)


Gina said...

I'm happy to hear this news!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news, Jana! I was thinking about you guys all week and praying you'd have results like this! I can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures!!

Its hard to believe that little baby Carson is already 1lb! It seems like yesterday you announced your pregnancy! :) How exciting!!

Are you starting to show a lot yet? How about in comparison to your other two pregnancies? :)

Emma said...

YAY!!! That is awsome news, I'm so pleased he is looking so healthy and still a boy ;) LOL

Keep us posted! Love Emma. xxx

Julie said...

Thank God! I was waiting all day to hear these result! YEAH!

Aunt Donna said...

So glad to hear the news. I was thinking of you all Thursday and was thinking about calling today. Praise God for this great report. Will talk soon

Love ya,
Aunt Donna