Sunday, January 14, 2007

Glucose test and Sasha news

I'll start with the news on Sasha. Looks like things are moving fairly quickly. They've gotten 2 calls on potential transplants recently. There was a problem with the first liver and they only want Sasha to have a perfectly healthy one and the weather impacted the family getting down to Houston for the second call. The plane couldn't take off with all of the ice and snow the midwest is currently experiencing. Keep your fingers crossed that a healthy liver will become available soon and that surgery can be performed and that Sasha will do well. (Major run on sentence, I know, but I'm excited and worried for Sasha and her family.) Stay strong Sasha and family!!

I went in to OU Physicians on Friday to have my 3 hour glucose test since I failed the 1 hour test. On a funny note, I think that's the fist test of any kind that I've failed in, well, years and years. :D Let me just say, I've been through horrible stuff but this was horrible too. Mainly because of the wait and the ice storm moving in much earlier than anticipated. I sat there watching the news with them saying, "Don't travel unless it's an emergency, it's so slick out there, blah, blah, blah." While I was there, one person was killed in a traffic accident when his truck overturned. Great, and I'm driving home in this crap in 2 hours. (My van did great and I made it home ok.)

My arms are still sore from the blood draws. They had to draw blood 4 times. I have no problem with blood draws and the guy doing it was very good but I got 2 sticks in each arm and they're just sore now. I didn't puke when drinking that stuff either even though I had to drink about 3 times more than I did last time. I didn't have to chug it in less than 5 minutes this time so I did ok.

Elizabeth's Papa and Aunt Melody picked her up on Friday morning so that she wouldn't have to sit with me at OU for almost 4 hours (thank goodness). She's still there because of the weather. I miss that little Bug. :( She doesn't even want to talk to me when I call.

I should get the GD test results sometime this week. The lab couldn't pick up my blood on Friday because of the weather so we'll see when they get it. Not something that I ever want to do again simply because I was bored out of my mind. And Carson was MAD at me because I didn't get to eat for over 17 hours. I was so hungry that on the slow drive home, I ate almost an entire tin of cinnamon altoids (let's hope I don't have GD, lol!).

Nothing else exciting happening out here. We've been iced in but at least we didn't lose power. The cat has been cuddling up to me and giving me dirty looks when Carson kicks her. I just miss my Buggie so much, it's too quiet around here without her.

Oh, I think that I've overcome my shopping aversion when it comes to Carson. After buying that first outfit, it got MUCH easier for me to shop for him, much to Raymond's dismay. :D His closet isn't empty anymore.

Raymond starts his new job tomorrow; good luck! With Bug gone, I did have time to finally update her website so go look at the cutie when you get a chance.


Melanie said...

I'm glad you made it home safely, and that you didn't get sick this time!!

Now let's sit and pray for postitive test results! :)