Friday, March 16, 2007

(Relatively) Short and sweet

Not much to post. E. and I went to TX to visit my parents on the 9th. Needed to escape this place for a while. We got home on Wednesday but R. has been in Seattle since last Sunday. He'll be home at some point tonight. E. is currently driving me crazy and is screaming for her daddy in her room.

Did ok with Drew's b-day; not great but not horribly bad. I had some smiles on his b-day along with my tears.

I will reiterate once again (*sigh*) that this is how I get things out. I write here. I AM FINE. I am getting a bit pissy that people keep assuming that I'm out of my fucking mind because of what I may write here. It's very frustrating. I do well in day-to-day life and I can PROMISE you that if you met me on the street, you would never know that I had lost a child. So just stop, please. Until you've been there, don't even try to understand. 'K?! (The screaming child is my main issue at the moment and is getting on my nerves. She's been a complete TERROR today.)

Since she's been so not nice today, I'll share a funny story from yesterday to remind myself why I enjoy motherhood. I had to bribe E. to get her in the car to go to the store because she just did not want to go. And when a strong-willed 3.5 doesn't want to go, she don't wanna go. So I told her that if she got in her carseat, she'd get a surprise. Her face lit up, she ran for the door and said, "Is it a piece of string, Mommy?!!!!" Uh, no. I'm not that horrible of a mother but she genuinely wanted a piece of string for some reason. She got a sucker instead (and threw a tantrum that it wasn't a piece of string) but she was strapped in so all was well. String?! I don't get it but it made me laugh.

I see the doctor on Monday for my 36 week check-up. I'll find out then if I'm dilated any and all of that nice stuff. The way I've been feeling, I just might be. You know the song "Under Pressure?" Yeah, let's just leave it at that although I don't think that Carson will be early. Hope he's not.


Aunt Donna said...

Just had to make a comment about what people think. I really don't give a rip ! ! ! They don't have a clue unless they have been down the road. Normal doesn't even exist anymore. I too can put on a good front for people when needed but I have also learned to say exactly what is on my mind and if they don't like it, What the hell! You're doing great and you feel free to say whatever whenever. Love ya loads and you know I'm here when you need me.
Love ya,
Aunt Donna