Monday, April 09, 2007

Just for Gina...

Of course I'll post when I go into labor. :) Heck, I share everything else, don't I?! I just don't want a million people showing up at the hospital--the approved people are Raymond (he damn well better be there!), Elizabeth, my parents and the in-laws. And when it's time for birth, only Raymond. Then immediately after that, only R., E., Carson and me for some family bonding time.

But that's a moot point because it seems as though Carson is NEVER going to be born. Never. Everything was normal at today's doctor appointment--BP was 126/64, I gained 1 lb., urine was clear, measuring 39 cm. at 39 weeks, Carson's heart rate was 132...All I need are a few hours of good contractions and that's just not happening. Oh, I have contractons and they're uncomfortable but nothing to help labor progress (i.e. not strong enough, long enough, or frequent enough). His head is pressing fairly hard on my pubis (is that the right word?) bone making it and my cervix ache constantly.

Sorry Dad, I still can't tell you when he'll arrive. :P Except maybe NEVER. I'm pissy, I need this kid to be born so I can see that he's ok. I don't recall being this anxious for birth with either E. or Drew. It's mainly mental at this point, I think.


Gina said...

Thanks :) I still check everyday but if you go missing I would be wondering. He will come soon!