Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dropout (and lots of pictures!)

Well, it's official. Elizabeth is a swim class dropout. :( She did great at her first lesson, cried at her second and last night, at her third, cried before class even started and would not be calmed down. We had a long discussion about how it's ok to be scared and that Mommy and Daddy would never be mad at her for being scared, blah, blah, blah. At least we didn't pay for the lessons (we're members of the YMCA so classes like that are "free" with our membership fees). I finally got the reasons that she doesn't want to do lessons out of her. If they're true or not, who knows, but they are: 1) her teacher scares her, 2) the pool is too big and has too much water, and 3) there are too many people there. This is a child who LOVES water and wanted to learn how to swim. She didn't reply when I asked her if it would be ok if Daddy and I tried to teach her to swim in Grammy and Papa's pool. *sigh* We've just told her she can't go out on our boat anymore unless she's learning to swim. I think it boils down to her not liking to try new things. She did this with her school for the first month or so and now she loves it. She starts dance class next week and lets hope it goes better.

So my daughter is almost 4 years old and already a school dropout!

Now for the promised pictures. The first are Carson's 1 month photos and then there are a couple of his beautiful little smile that he's always using to his advantage now (already!). He smiles at me and gets whatever he wants. :)

Also, here are some videos of the kids that I finally got uploaded. They go all the way back to Christmas (bad Mommy! So far behind on things!). Pay special attention to Elizabeth and her ketchup. That's her Grandmama giving her such a hard time.


Gina said...

He is SOOOO handsome! That smile is super sweet.

The way you say E is a dropout is funny, lol. I'm sure she will come around though.

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Carson is beautiful and his smile is just awesome. There is nothing sweeter in the world than big gummy smiles!!!

As far as E...I can so relate. I have a preschool dropout. Kaden and E are the same age and Kaden is still terrified of school...mainly due to the bad teacher he had last Sept. He still has no interest in school and get upset when I bring it up!!!

*Darcie* said...

Wonderful pictures of Carson!! He looks like a littl pea in a pod!! That smile is adorable!

On the E front, at least you got her to tell you why she didnt like it!! There is always next year!!