Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy freaking birthday

Let's just say that today, my 31st b-day, hasn't been the best. Who wants to attend a funeral on their b-day and lose it when their son's name is mentioned in "preceeded in death by..."? I even knew to expect Drew's name but I had to leave the sancutary--almost at a run. Just not what you hope for.

Add to that fact that no one told me happy b-day this morning until I reminded Bug it was my b-day...well, my dad remembered. He called this afternoon and even got my age right, ha!

I'm just feeling sorry for myself at this point; not looking forward to a long weekend of just me and both kids. R. has been working extremely hard on a code camp thing for a while now and it's this weekend so he's not here to help. And E. is out of school for a month and I'm having issues with pre-school/pre-k--long boring story that no one would care about aside from me.

At least I got Carson's 3-month pics back and the first professional sibling pics. Yeah, those didn't go so well; we'll be trying again in the near future. You can't see their cute "Big Sister/Little Brother" shirts. :(

I am just in such a bad mood at the moment. Here are the pictures:


Anonymous said...

Jana those pics are soooo adorable. Elizabeth is so beautiful. She is looking so much more and more like you every day. Carson is just beyond adorable! What a cheeky smile he has!

I am so sorry that your birthday was such a sad occasion. Again, big hugs to you and your family.

Love Nat (parentscafe)

Aunt Donna said...

The pics are great! Carson was my lifesaver yesterday. Thanks for letting me hold and rock him. It felt so comforting to cuddle and see his precious smile. I love Elizabeth too but for some reason I feel a special bond with Carson. Thanks again for sharing and I do understand the need to leave the service. WE SURVIVED another first together. Love ya, Aunt Donna